H2O-To-Go Bottle Filler | Surface Mounted | Sensor Op and BCD


Featuring durable and hygienic construction, efficient water flow, and a remote chiller connection option, the standalone Bubblers Australia H2O-To-Go sensor-operated bottle filler is hard to pass up! It’s an excellent choice for high-demand environments and for promoting sustainability in your community.

  • Touch-Free Sensor
  • #304 Stainless Steel, Satin Finish
  • Antibacterial ABS Surfaces
  • Bottle Counter Display

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Experience enhanced hydration with the Bubblers Australia H2O-To-Go Sensor Operated Standalone Bottle Filler with Bottle Counter Display, a clever and user-friendly solution designed with health, convenience, and sustainability in mind. Boasting durable stainless steel construction and impact-resistant and antibacterial ABS surfaces, this bottle filler guarantees longevity and a superior user experience.

Delivering non-refrigerated water at a consistent flow of 3.8LPM, the unit ensures the efficient filling of any water bottle, glass or jug and a smooth flow of users in high-demand environments. The unit is sensor operated to prevent the spread of germs and ensure the continuing good health of users and tenants. It can even be connected to a remote chiller to deliver refreshing, cooled water.   

To ensure the health and hygiene of all users, the ABF16-BCD-IPL Bubblers Australia H2O-To-Go Sensor Operated Standalone Bottle Filler with Bottle Counter Display features anti-microbial materials and an easy-to-clean perforated drain. These elements simplify cleaning by preventing residue build-up, making the job of maintaining the unit easier and ensuring your users always leave your facility feeling great!

This standalone bottle filler also has an engaging bottle counter display, allowing users to track the number of plastic bottles saved by choosing reusable containers. It’s an inspiring reminder of the user’s contribution to environmental conservation and helps promotes a culture of sustainability.

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Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 79 × 51 × 25 cm
Install Type

Wall Mounted

Actuation Type

Sensor Operated


Satin Stainless Steel