Outdoor Drinking Fountain | Triple | Fairway Green


Crafted from heavy-duty type #304 stainless steel and finished in an attractive Enviro-Glaze® Fairway Green, the WGRQ45 Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain is the ultimate in contemporary drinking water solutions.  

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Enviro-Glaze® Fairway Green
  • Tri-Level Design
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Bubbler

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  • Watermark
  • Lead-Free


An epitome of modern aesthetics and intuitive functionality, the WGRQ45 Triple Outdoor Drinking Fountain is hard to beat. Manufactured from type #304 stainless steel, it’s finished in an attractive Enviro-Glaze® Fairway Green. Like with other Enviro-Glaze® products, the finish is durable, chip-resistant and long-lasting to ensure it looks great throughout its lifetime, even under the harsh and unforgiving Australian sun. 

Additionally, the unit features a heavy-duty, non-splash stainless steel bubbler. Unlike many of our competitors who still use components made from lead-containing brass, all our WGRQ-series drinking fountains have completely lead-free waterpaths by using only plastic and steel components. This ensures your users stay happy, healthy and hydrated!

The clever self-closing valve limits water wastage and includes an intuitive flow adjuster that allows you to customise your unit to suit your project or facility’s needs. This pairs well with the quick and easy-to-clean perforated drain, ensuring the unit will always be a favourite with your maintenance team. 

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Weight 92 kg
Dimensions 135 × 122 × 53 cm
Install Type

Free Standing

Actuation Type

Push Button


Enviro-Glaze® Fairway Green